Slot Machine Return to Player Rates

The return to player (RTP) of a slot refers to its payout rate. This article is designed to help you understand the difference between different RTPs and determine which online slots have the best rates.

RTP and in-game jackpots

Striking the right balance between a slot’s payout rate and its jackpot is an excellent way to land a big prize. It’s the same principle if you want to find a valid ratio with reviews of casino sites. Slot machine return rates are between 85% to 98%, and a rate of approximately 97% is the ideal balance.

Using RTP to your advantage

Based on its value, a payout ratio tells us how quickly a slot machine turns over money. But, you also need to take into account the sums to bet and the jackpots to be won. Relating the coins to be played to the jackpots in play is crucial. We also strongly advise registering with a trusted online casino to ensure a fair environment that promotes reliable RTP rates.

Authentic Return to Player rates

The source of the payout rate for a slot machine is calculated over a period of one month. The calculation of the RTP percentage of a slot machine is made according to two factors; money paid out, and bets made. Dividing the total cash paid out by the total amount wagered gives the payout rate. A rate close to 97% is synonymous with profitability and access to substantial jackpots.
RTP slots

Comparing return rates

What’s the best return to player rate? And which slot machines pay big jackpots? We’ve answered these two crucial questions below.
A fair redistribution rate is around 97%, and anything over 98% shouldn’t be trusted. Gambling games that have too high RTPs have small jackpots. Any player can win easily with these RTP games, but it would be naïve to believe that you can land a big jackpot.

The best rates

Accessing online slots that have not too low payout rates and high jackpots is possible. To achieve this, you have to focus on slots that have RTPs close to 97%. These games tend to pay jackpots worth tens of thousands in Canadian dollars. And, with a bit of luck, you could win a jackpot of over C$100,000!

RTP – 3 categories

Slot machines are divided into three RTP categories. To put it simply, a high return to player often wins small amounts of money and average returns per player high jackpots. Finally, with a low RTP rate, there are big jackpots to be won on progressive slots, but it’s hard to get them.

Helpful info

Slot machines with rates close to 97% are the most popular. Why? Because you can realistically win jackpots of over C$10,000.
  1. High: RTP greater than 96%,
  2. Medium: RTP from 94% to 96%,
  3. Low: RTP less than 94%.
Compared to a progressive game like Mega Moolah slot, which has a low rate and a wheel that pays out millions, slots with rates of around 97% have winners more often. As for slot machines with RTP rates of 98% or more, they aren’t popular because they don’t pay out much.

Choosing slot machines that pay the best

In our guide to the best online casino in Canada, we’ve taken a look at the slot machines that pay out massive jackpots the most. Overall, we found three profitable slot machines that are more profitable than others. These games have payout rates of +/- 97%. They offer potential winnings of over C$10,000 – or even over C$100,000 with max bets. In practice, the most frequent winnings with these games vary from C$1,500 to C$25,000. Like those listed on our free spins article on the Quatro Casino site, other slots are also profitable.

1. Hot Ink – 97.51% RTP

In total, there are 1024 paylines on the Hot Ink slot. Players who bet on Hot Ink have access to symbols that pay: “Hot Ink”, “Yin Yang”, and “Koi Fish”. With bonus games and free spin triggers, any player can win massive jackpots with this game.
Hot Ink is the kind of slot machine to try out with the best free casino bonuses. This tip is a good trick to try to win big by taking advantage of the slot’s RTP.
Hot Ink is the slot machine with the best return per player
We recommend playing the Hot Ink slot at Luxury Casino. You’ll also have access to other games with a valid return to player rate.

Luxury Casino

2. Immortal Romance – 96.86% RTP

This popular slot machine appeals to vampires. The slot’s 243 paylines are the odds of winning big C$ jackpots. Record wins of over C$100,000 have been achieved on this online slot machine.

Immortal Romance slot machine has a good RTP payout rate

Playing Immortal Romance at Golden Tiger is a good place to start. This online casino also deals out bonuses that increase the chances of winning.

3. Reel Gems – 96.52% RTP

Reel Gems’ slot machine stands out from the rest. The prizes up for grabs and the winning combinations only add to the appeal of this slot. Winning a jackpot is a common occurrence on this slot machine whose return to player rate is the guarantor of large jackpots.
Reel Gems - an honest and profitable return per player
You can play the Reel Gems slot at Zodiac Casino, and in addition to video slots, there is a C$1 welcome bonus, which activates 80 spins to bet on the Mega Moolah slot. The Mega Moolah Slot is the RTP game that wins the biggest jackpots on the Internet.

RTP rates summary

In general, slot machine fans prefer fair payout rates. This approach guarantees a chance to win attractive jackpots. Indeed, experience shows that valid returns to player rate (close to 97%) are much better than too high or too low RTPs. Finding the best slot machines is a mix of decent payback rates and big jackpots. Fortunately, this type of online slot machine does exist in the game’s catalog of the top-rated Canadian online casinos. If you’re interested in these RTP games, just go to the casino sites previously listed.