Online Casino Reviews

There are over a hundred Canadian online casinos on the web. So, it’s not always easy knowing which one to pick. To help you make the right choice, our experts have left detailed reviews in our guide. We prioritize the interests of the players above everything else, which makes it easy to pick a casino and start betting.

Good and bad guides

It’s crucial to choose an online casino that has received real ratings. Why? Because there are a large number of online casinos looking to scam you. These blacklisted casino sites have false positive reviews on casino guides run by their associates.

False reviews posted on casino guides

Watch out! Some of the reviews posted on casino guides are fake. Our team has discovered that some casino guides are associating with offshore online casinos that operate within Canada. These scam casino sites are based in countries that don’t respect Canadian laws. To ensure you don’t fall for one of these casino’s scamming schemes, we’ve provided some useful information. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a reliable and verified online casino, the OCT guide only recommends the most trusted virtual casinos.

Expert online casino testing

The OCT team are experts in online casino testing. All the games in the casinos are tested, from slot machines to live gaming and table games. Furthermore, our testers use strict criteria to rate the casinos. This means that Canadians looking for legitimate online casinos can know they’re in safe hands when betting at any of our listed sites.

Online casino reviews – Can we trust them?

Trusted by players - Our opinion
Yes and no. As said before, there are good and bad online casinos, with some that should definitely be avoided. These online casinos have one thing in common, Curaçao. Sadly, this country has a bad reputation when it comes to gambling. These online casinos don’t comply with Canadian laws.
One might wonder why Canada does not take action against them. But, the fact is that since Curaçao isn’t a member of the WTO (World Trade Organization), they can’t take measures against them. With this in mind, it’s best always to avoid playing at any online casino based in offshore countries.

Reliable online casinos

A trusted online casino must be certified in the country where you want to play. This guarantees that the online casino has been audited and verified by organizations that defend consumer interests. In Canada, there are plenty of legal online casinos. There are a number of online casinos registered on Canadian soil that are 100% reliable.

Which online casino should I choose?

Our vote goes to Golden Tiger. This online casino has received the best reviews from our team. But, there are also other quality online casinos, such as Yukon Gold and Grand Mondial. We only recommend a few online casinos in our guide – this list shows which sites that have passed our quality test with full marks.
Golden Tiger Casino reviews in Canada
In terms of testing online casinos thoroughly, our guide stands out. Just by looking at guides like Casino Source, you know you need to be careful. Guides like this, listing online casinos related to Curaçao, need to be avoided. Clearly, recommending online casinos that are known to be dishonest and unreliable is not in the best interests of the players.

Things to consider

Notes and comments
Choosing a recognized online casino in Canada is your first priority. This means that all the casino’s games will have been monitored to ensure there are no possible scams. As for confidential data of the players, this will always remain private. Furthermore, payouts of winnings are paid by the online casinos. Winning at casinos isn’t that easy, so you at least want to know you’ll get paid your winnings if you do!