Affiliates and Online Casinos – An Inseparable Duo

An affiliate program is a marketing tool that rewards the third party. Affiliates who bring traffic to merchant sites receive rewards in the form of income. In this area of earnings, gambling is the most profitable industry on the Internet.

Bloggers – Key players

Bloggers have no shortage of subjects when it comes to gambling. The most exploited niches with affiliate programs are those related to online casinos and their games.

  1. In the 1st place, there are casino reviews,
  2. Then comes the slot machines,
  3. Follow by video poker machines monitoring,
  4. Roulette casino takes 4th place,
  5. In 5th place is Blackjack,
  6. And finally, there are live games.


Revenues related to casino program commissions
The goal of an affiliate is to get as much traffic as possible, and thus, income. To do this, an affiliate often focuses on just one theme, such as:

General websites

  1. Auditing casino rooms,
  2. Listing the best bonuses,
  3. Community sites and forums,
  4. Guides dedicated to live gaming.

Game sites

  1. Free spins on slot machines,
  2. Tips for winning on slots,
  3. Roulette and winning strategies,
  4. Play Blackjack like a pro.


Winning an award is recognition for affiliates

Affiliates seek recognition, and this takes place during Awards events. The most popular events are conferences dedicated to affiliates. In this area, there’s nothing better than the IGB affiliate awards ( If these kinds of events inspire you, focusing on free spins on slot machines is the way to go.

Online slot machines generate the most revenue with casino affiliate programs. Developing here is a good way to get spotted by programs. However, other games are rewarded too.

Affiliates = copywriters

Behind any successful affiliate website is a talented copywriter’s work, which is the same as a professional journalist. To generate income as an affiliate, you have to know how to write press articles expertly. Attracting the attention of players and programs with accurate content is key.
The professions of affiliates and bloggers
If you want to get noticed like the most competent web copywriters, visit the Jacob website. This site is full of things you can’t find anywhere else.

The Click – The Affiliate’s salary

The affiliate needs to place hyperlinks in their content to generate revenue, which redirects the user to the merchant site. Each affiliate link includes an ID tag that’s linked to the affiliate account. The more clicks the affiliate link has, the more income they can earn!

Affiliates and gambling marketing

Web marketers often use affiliate marketing. Merchant operators know that potential customers are looking for online gambling every day. Some of these customers are users who want to play at the best online casinos. This is where affiliates come in. By managing websites visited by potential players, affiliates can attract new customers daily. Among the techniques most used by affiliates, there’s the maintenance of pages dedicated to casino reviews. On blogs and or on online casino guides in Canada, these pages are of great value to casino affiliate programs.

Target countries

Positioning yourself in countries where online gambling is appreciated is an asset. Canada, the US, and the UK, Europe, and Asia are promising markets where good deals are made between affiliates and casino programs.

The United Kingdom

Among the countries with good prospects is the United Kingdom. The strong point for using UK affiliate programs is that the casino operators are efficient. These operators offer affiliates tailor-made action plans. In addition, UK programs are known to have a global view of the market. In other words, by working with a UK program, an affiliate grows in large markets. Japan, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia, Asian countries and Canada are, along with the UK market, where British affiliate programs offer the best deals.

Who are the affiliates?

There are all kinds. It can range from freelancers to companies with more than a hundred employees, such as corporate On the whole, there are common points between the affiliates:

  • The majority of them are young (21 to 35 years old),
  • They have a taste for risk,
  • They come from digital professions.

Trusted programs

Not all affiliate programs are created equal. Some can even go bankrupt. These extreme cases harm the affiliates concerned. As an affiliate, working in the long run with stable programs is the ultimate goal. To our knowledge, the casino programs below are the strongest of all. These programs have been operating for more than a decade, and affiliates are satisfied with the results.

#1 – Rewards Affiliates

Since launching in 2000, Rewards Affiliates is a solid affiliate program. The results produced by this group assure affiliates consistent results. What you see is what you get, perfectly defines this program.
Rewards group brands convert better than with most other programs. On forums and casino guides, the comments speak for themselves about the performance of Rewards Affiliates.

#2 – Leo Vegas

Leo Vegas is a trademark on a global scale. The Leo Vegas group is active in all regulated markets. With its iconic online casino, the program’s Lion is well known among the affiliate community.

#3 – Casinoland Affiliates

Casinoland is a benchmark in the UK and Europe. The managers of this casino platform know what they’re doing. Any affiliate who has skills can claim an honest income with this group.


Certain affiliate programs should be blacklisted as they are real predators. To differentiate the affiliate programs, they are classified into three groups. There are the good, the bad, and the ugly. Good programs can be counted on the fingers of one hand. There is an absolute benchmark among these trusted programs: Rewards Affiliates.
Just by seeing the Rewards Affiliates’ flagship site Grand Mondial, one can only be satisfied.
Bad programs, on the other hand, operate offshore. These companies are based in exotic countries. The earnings of affiliates with this type of program are often frustrating. Any program related to Latin America should be avoided.

Watch out for sharks

And finally, the Ugly, which are compared to sharks. These programs are known to offer deals that are too good to be true, which produce insignificant results. The managers of these platforms aren’t shy about selling products that yield nothing. With these programs, the saying that “no deal is better than a bad deal” fits perfectly.
Programs are predators - They are like sharks

Deals offered to affiliates

The most common business model is commission earnings (25% to 35% lifetime revshare). This formula is a % perceived based on the losses and gains of players brought in by the affiliate. In the long term, any trustworthy program produces good earnings (results on retaining loyal players). Next, come the CPA (cost per acquisition) and CPC (cost per click) models. There are also hybrid models, but they aren’t used that often.

How much does an affiliate earn?

Affiliates rarely reveal their results, but you can read testimonials on blogs and forums. On posts seen by the Online Casino Today team, the monthly earnings listed below are the most realistic.
Affiliate income and salaries
These salaries are the net proceeds from commissions received by affiliates.

  • Starter affiliates generate $500 to $5000 in income per month,
  • Experienced affiliates make $5,000 to $25,000 in monthly earnings,
  • Then, it’s with the most tenacious affiliates, that monthly salaries reach over $25,000,
  • And finally, there are the network managers. The most competent of them earn +/- $100,000 each month.

The earnings listed above are approximate and are net monthly income before tax. Thus, don’t take these figures for granted! Admittedly, this type of job is risky. The volatility of the online gambling industry means that affiliates’ revenues can go up and down from one day to the next.