English Casinos Prohibited Credit Cards

In April 2020, English online casinos banned the use of credit cards. The prohibition follows a ban put in place by the UK’s online gambling commission.

In Canada, we aren’t there yet in terms of the limits of access to online gambling.

Watch out for offshore casinos!

Many UK players are looking for online casinos that accept credit cards. Those players who used to use their credit cards for online entertainment aren’t happy with the limits being placed on them. To our amazement, these users end up registering with offshore online casinos that accept credit cards.
By testing these casinos located in offshore areas, we quickly found that these virtual casinos are illegal. Hosted in countries that don’t respect international law, these bizarre sites have a bad reputation. If you don’t want to get ripped off by these platforms, always check where the casino sites are located. Visiting our FAQ page is also a good way to learn about legitimate, trusted online casinos.

The validity of online casinos

As an English citizen, you’d be wrong to think that it’s possible to find an honest online casino that lets you use credit cards.
Under the World Trade Organization (WTO) laws, a non-UK online casino doesn’t have the right to provide English credit cards as a payment method. In any case, with Canadian online casinos, English players aren’t allowed to use a credit card. This is proof that Canada’s casinos are reliable. In addition, any legitimate UK online casino must be certified by the UKGC.
UKGC is the UK’s gambling commission. It acts in the public interest and its mission is to ensure that gambling laws are respected. By comparison, in Canada the Kahnawake Gaming Commission acts like the UKGC.

Non-UK casinos and credit cards

If you’re visiting a non-UK online casino that allows a credit card as a deposit method, you shouldn’t register. These offshore casino sites are notorious for scamming players. These online casino games, made by unknown providers, are rigged. Based outside of any official structure, these offshore casinos escape any control by the money commissions. As an English (or Canadian), these sites should be avoided at all costs.
There are, of course, some trusted international casinos on the Internet. These casinos respect each country’s laws to the letter, and any player living in England cannot use a credit card there. If this type of casino appeals to you, the Golden Tiger site is for you. This online casino complies with international standards imposed by the WTO.

Playing online without risks or scams

The best way to play with real money at an online casino is with a debit card. Obviously, the casino must be certified in a country that takes online gambling seriously.
Debit card is the most popular deposit method in casinos
Debit cards are the most popular deposit method on gambling sites in England today and are among the most frequently used options by Canadians. Furthermore, the Interac card can be used at the most visited online casinos in Canada.

Online casinos offering credit cards to British players

As a result of our investigation, we found over 100 online casinos offering credit card options to UK players. This huge figure really shows the scale of the problem. Since these sites are synonymous with scams, we would in no way recommend them.
The credit card at the online casino
These illegal online casinos have formidable marketing techniques, but don’t let them deceive you! Whether you live in the UK, Canada or elsewhere, you should avoid these casinos at all costs.
Offshore virtual casinos are, unfortunately, very aggressive in attracting players. Just by allowing credit cards as a payment method to the English shows bad intentions from the operator. In addition, they aren’t afraid to hand out huge free bonuses. Don’t be fooled; these offers are scams just looking to rob you.

Mafia platforms

Upon investigation, it can be said that illegal online casinos are only good for taking money from players. The worst part is that you have no way of seeking justice if you do get scammed. Located outside any verifiable legal structure, these online casinos act with complete impunity. To add insult to injury, these mafia casinos’ games are rigged and offer no chances of winning. For more information, just read this article about Legit Gambling Sites.

Using a credit card

As a player from England, you should never play for real money at a casino site that offers credit card options. Instead, it’s best to register with a legitimate casino site and use a debit card there.

Luxury Casino in the UK and in Canada
Only using methods authorized by law is the best way to guarantee you won’t be cheated. Luxury Casinos site is a great place to start as it offers good deposit options. This casino complies with laws in the UK law, as well as those for Canada and any other country.

Reason for the UK credit card ban

The ban on credit cards in the UK was put in place to fight against compulsive gambling. The number of players who were using credit cards to fund their online casino accounts had become worrying. These players tended to bet beyond their financial means leading to debt and sometimes bankruptcies. Faced with these major problems, the UK government had to act quickly. To further discourage addicted players, online casino e-Wallets have also been banned. Now only non-credit deposit methods are permitted on UK casino sites.
Canada may not impose this same ban, but only two brands are recognized on Canadian online casinos – Visa and Mastercard.

Identity control

To protect public interest and prevent fraud, UK operators imposed new protection methods in early 2020.
The 2020 rules for online casinos
When a UK player decides to register with an online casino, they must prove that they are who they say. This step requires casino operators to check whether the new member is of legal age (+18 years) and not prohibited from gambling. To do this, the user must provide the operator with a copy of their passport and proof of residence.

Editorial review

The ban on credit cards on UK gambling sites is effective. In the opinion of Online Casino Today, who are experts on UK online casinos, this is a good way to fight gambling addiction. This action by the English government has had a worldwide impact on online gambling. While Canada’s federal state hasn’t yet followed suit, it could happen in the near future. In any case, since the UK ban, several European countries are perhaps considering prohibiting credit cards on online casinos. Notably, this is the case for Belgium, Italy, Portugal and Spain.