Are Online Casinos in Canada Legal?

Our website, a frequent stop for curious Canadians, is full of inquiries about whether online casinos are legal. In response to these queries, we’ve reviewed all aspects regarding online casino legitimacy in Canada.
Are Gambling Sites Legal in Canada?
The answer is no. Unfortunately, there are casino operators who blatantly disregard Canadian laws.
You need to verify certain relevant information to ensure a specific online casino is legal. The first checkpoint involves verifying if the casino holds a valid operating license in your region. A registered affiliation with a local Gambling Commission ensures a gaming environment that is both honest and verified.
Legal and verified online casinos in Canada

Choosing a Legal Online Casino

To avoid investing money in an illegal online casino, scrutinize official casino pages. Key sections, such as “About” and “Legal Liability,” reveal vital information about the Gambling Commissions overseeing the casino.
Transparency about casino game providers and the operating company further proves a casino’s legitimacy. Be wary if this info isn’t available!

Legal Online Casinos Worldwide

Online gambling is authorized in nearly 80 countries worldwide. The most open markets include Canada, Europe, the United Kingdom, certain U.S. states, and select regions in the Pacific and Latin America.

Age Restrictions in Canada

The minimum age for online casino play is the same as in land-based casinos. The legal age is 18 in Alberta, Manitoba, and Quebec, while other provinces and territories set the bar at 19.
Rigorous age verification measures, including ID submission and proof of address (like a copy of a recent electricity bill), are enforced at legal online casinos.
Minimum legal age to play at a casino in Canada

Internet Gambling Commissions

Different countries have their regulations when it comes to online gambling. In Canada, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission governs private operators providing online gambling platforms with slot machines and table games. The only exception is Ontario, which has the AGCO.
In Europe, most online casinos operate under the Malta Gambling Authority.
The United Kingdom follows the guidelines set by the UK Gambling Commission. Outside of these zones, each country regulates its online casinos according to laws put in place by local gambling commissions.

Trusted Gambling in Canada

Our dedicated guide to Canadian online casinos mainly targets Quebecers. Excluding Ontario, which limits gaming offers, the casino sites recommended within the pages of our guide are legal throughout Canada.
Our website gives you insight and access to legal casino sites in Canada with verified games. These sites boast multi-currency, multilingual options, providing a versatile gaming experience in English or French and default Canadian currency selection.

Territories and Provinces of Canada

Canada’s early acceptance of private operators in online gambling, starting in 1994, paved the way for the virtual casino industry boom in the country’s territories and provinces.
The first online casino site ever, Gaming Club Casino, is Canadian! Since launching online in 1994, the Gaming Club site still remains a top choice for players looking for a legal online casino in Canada. In addition, the online casino features the most recent Mega Moolah games, making it a top choice for players looking for an innovative site.
In Ontario, unlike other provinces in Canada, online casino game operators must comply with strict rules. The limits set by the Ontario Gaming Commission protect users from the risks associated with compulsive gambling.

Reputable Game Providers

To ensure you get a quality gaming experience, online casinos collaborate with trusted third-party providers. The most reliable suppliers guarantee their game catalogs agree with the Gambling Commissions.
Games from third-party providers at legal online casinos

Trusted Suppliers

Worldwide, nearly fifty game publishers have an offering within the virtual casino sector. Among these publishers, five suppliers stand out from the rest. You know you’re on a reliable site by opting for online casinos using the providers below:

    The world leader in live casino games such as Blackjack and Roulette.
    One of the top publishers for slots and table games.
    Behind the Internet’s most awarded online slots.
    An iconic provider features in many online casinos in Canada.
    Providing the most innovative table games for playing Blackjack and Roulette.

Illegal Online Casinos

Unfortunately, the internet is home to casino sites that are actual scams!
Hosted in offshore countries, illegal gambling platforms do not respect international laws and have rigged games where it is impossible to win a single dollar. As a rule, avoid gambling sites registered with Curaçao eGaming. Many users have filed complaints with operators based in Curaçao!
There are no legal means to seek justice if you’re scammed at an online casino registered with Curaçao eGaming as Curaçao isn’t part of the World Trade Organisation countries.


Stick to reputable, recognized online casinos to avoid falling victim to scams. Simply consult your country’s Gambling Commission website and check whether the casino site is recognized.
Another great tip for checking the legitimacy of an online casino is to consult reliable web guides and check out their online casino reviews.

Choose Smartly

Registering with legitimate online casinos ensures a fun experience and safeguards against scams. Choosing casinos recognized in your country guarantees fair play, secure transactions, and a reliable support system.

Offers in Canada

Selecting a reputable online casino in Canada increases your chances of winning jackpots and receiving payouts.
By choosing Canadian online casinos that comply with the requirements set by law, you will always have access to high-end services. You can also request help with any problem via the casino’s customer support 24/7. In addition, free help is available for players who think they have problems with compulsive gambling addiction.