Ontario is Opening its Market to Competition

In January 2021 Ontario made the headlines across casino blogs announcing they’d be the first province in Canada to open its market to remote casino sites. Unlike other provinces, Ontario’s Lottery and Gaming Company had the monopoly. Until now, the region hadn’t wanted to see foreign gambling sites develop within its borders.

Local games and offers from abroad

Currently, Ontarians can play online wherever they want, without any restrictions. But, this will change soon – mainly so the government can generate tax revenue. On top of that, it’s also a way to regulate an area that escapes all control. All future Web casinos will have to comply with strict rules. Casinos will need to integrate safety measures into their platforms to combat gambling addiction and the risk of crippling debt.

Online Gambling in Ontario in 2022

The landscape for remote gambling won’t look the same in 2022. But, according to the Ontario Government, it will be a win-win. For Ontario, it will create jobs and tax revenue. For players, there will be reliable guidance around all forms of remote gambling.

The future of virtual casinos

There isn’t currently a specific kick-off date for Ontario online casinos. According to the press information, it will be towards the end of 2022. The government will limit the number of online casinos, with only ten sites able to obtain an operating license.

What will be the most prosperous site?

It’s a safe bet that our guide’s best performing online casinos will be within Ontario’s offerings. Our experts guess that the Casino Action site will be one of the chosen ones. This casino site is already active in countries around the world that decided to legalize online gambling.


Ontario casino site comparison

As soon as the official list of Ontario online casinos is available, plenty of casino guides will be talking about it. We can promise you that our guide will be among the first to invest in identifying the best casino sites from the crowd. Above all, when it comes to slot machines that pay the best. The Yukon Gold site’s online slots may be the most profitable today, but we’ll see who it is at the end of 2022.
There are also classic table games to consider, as both Roulette and Blackjack are popular in Ontario. The hope is that there will be games as reliable as those displayed on the Yukon Gold site. The options available for table games at Yukon are as real as in a physical gaming room.

The Quebec model

In the Quebec province, the online casino industry has been in full swing since 2011. It’s now home to some of the best casino sites dedicated to online betting and has become one of a kind.

Opening up to competition

The Ontario Lottery is currently the only official gambling company on the Ontario web. Ontarians can access real money betting options and various games via the PlayOLG site. Of course, there’s the Lotto, but there’s also casino games and a national sports betting area.

Once online gaming opens up to competition, the Ontario Lottery PlayOLG site won’t have the monopoly anymore. This new stream of rivalry is sure to shake things up!

Testing future casino sites

We’ll be sure to test and publish the results in our guide about all the casino sites arriving with Ontario’s new regulations. We will be listing the online casinos that pay the most as well as the best bonus offers. It will certainly be an excellent opportunity to test new casino sites.

Public health and gambling in Ontario

Could opening up online gambling to competition lead to a gambling problem? The answer is yes. You’ll no doubt see an avalanche of advertising for casino gaming offers flooding Ontario. Typically, private operators like to make themselves known via TV channels, local radio stations, and the press. Remember, most players lose at casinos. Therefore, it’s a sure bet that some people in Ontario will lose money betting.

Drastic limits

With the future regulation of online games, it theoretically won’t be possible to become addicted and go bankrupt in a legal and verified online casino. There will be betting limits in place at Ontario online casinos.

Controlling Online Casino Games in Ontario

Ongoing studies show that there’ll only be ten licensed operators in Ontario under strict rules. Both in terms of advertising, bet limits and help for at-risk players. According to the experts, it’s much easier to control an online casino than a land-based casino. All the operations and transactions at casino sites are recorded and archived. However, it will take personnel to guarantee a virtual casino is 100% reliable.