LeoVegas – Casino Test

Often touted as the world’s best online mobile casino, LeoVegas has built its empire on the digital wave. But is the casino that good? We did our tests to find out the truth. Off the bat, we can confirm that LeoVegas is a reliable and legitimate online casino. However, there are a few criticisms about their slots; not all of the website’s games are worthwhile.

LeoVegas – King of Mobile

LeoVegas has an effective publicity strategy. Both on TV and some casino guides, they use their “King of Casinos on Mobile” slogan. The formula is simple, and it works. The saying may sound arrogant, but our tests proved it’s true.
Mobile online casino site

The website, which uses the Lion icon everywhere, works perfectly on all mobile devices. Aside from a few minor bugs, we didn’t detect any flaws.

LeoVegas is exclusive

No other casino site compares to the Lion platform. Their strength lies in their uniqueness by providing a gaming experience that you can’t find elsewhere. Of course, there are plenty of online casinos out there with great games. But LeoVegas stands out with how dazzling their games are on mobile devices. Everything runs smoothly and is easy to navigate. Swedes manage the group, and the minimalist and practical spirit of Swedish culture features at LeoVegas. H&M, Ikea, Spotify, Volvo, “Made in Sweden” is a global benchmark!

Casino payout rate

The overall payout rate for LeoVegas Casino is approximately 95%. You can verify this rate with the Gambling Commissions of the countries where LeoVegas is legitimate. A 95% return rate is not great for an online casino. However, compared to a land-based casino (92% to 93%), it’s good, but it’s not the best compared to the highest paying online casinos.
The best payout rates at casino sites are 97%, and there is a whole host of them! The top choices are exclusively related to Microgaming, the highest paying online slots provider. This is the case for Luxury Casino, an award-winning platform on our team’s section of top-rated Canadian online casinos.

LeoVegas Games

One of the casino’s star games is Roulette. LeoVegas is often the number one choice for table game fans and features Roulette guides and blogs. Then the group’s most popular games depend on which country you live in. The company adapts its strategy by country and region. For example, in Canada and the United States, they focus on advertising slot machines. On the other hand, in Europe, LeoVegas pushes football above everything else since the platform has a sports betting area.
LeoVegas adapts to each culture worldwide. You may not know it, but when you visit the Lion site, you are geolocated.


The LeoVegas system reads your IP address and displays offers and pages that correspond to the games you may like most. Don’t worry, it’s not “Big Brother is watching you” type of thing. This kind of process is standard on the Internet.

Internet Cookies

As on most e-commerce sites, LeoVegas personalizes its offer to please each visitor. As soon as you arrive at the casino, a cookie installs on your web browser. This file allows the Lion operators to track you. For example, if you look at the Blackjack pages, the next time you visit the casino, Blackjack will appear.

Play on iPhones and Androids

The King on smartphones! The casino engineers have entirely focused on mobile screens to achieve excellence. Out of the hundreds of mobile devices, LeoVegas’ team has left nothing to chance. This work represents a promise; whatever smartphone you use, everything should be perfect down to the last pixel.
Is everything that good on the King of Mobile Casinos? Yes, everything’s top-notch, but now and then, there are minor bugs. Nothing serious, but it still happens.

LeoVegas games suppliers

LeoVegas doesn’t create the games on its casino platform. Third parties make them. As you can imagine, creating casino games isn’t an easy task. The Lion teams have had a go at launching their own games before, but they missed the mark. As a result, the company called in the specialized suppliers, some of which are the most reliable in the industry.

40 brands

LeoVegas games come from around 40 suppliers. Out of all of these providers, Microgaming is the creator of the casino’s most profitable online slots. These games feature on Quatro Casino, a top-choice slots site for Canadians.
In total, on the website, there are over 1100 games. This figure is increasing every week as new products launch.

Beware of games that don’t pay well

According to the reviewers in our guide, there are too many games at LeoVegas. Too many games create confusion! The biggest black mark against the casino is that their headliner games aren’t the most profitable.

Tips and navigation

The fact that the LeoVegas website primarily pushes their lowest paying slots is not a hit with players. But, by doing so, LeoVegas shareholders get a return on their investments. It is the players who pay the price. In other words, the company is making big profits on the backs of the customers. However, by choosing the casino games that pay the best on the Lion platform, you can avoid unpleasant surprises.

LeoVegas review

The goal of LeoVegas is to make their brand a must-have icon. The strategy is simple: if you think “online casino,” they want you to think “LeoVegas”! What about the brand? The idea is good. Leo is a neutral and cool name. As for the word Vegas, it is a synonym for “Gambling”. All in all, it forms a name that’s easy to remember.
The LeoVegas logo is the mighty Lion, the king of the jungle, and an animal respected by all.
LeoVegas Logo

Top rankings

Does LeoVegas deserve a place on our top-ranked casino sites?
No, sadly not. Our goal is to showcase the highest paying online casinos, and other casinos are doing better than The Lions Casino. The primary indicator of a casino’s profitability is its payout rate. LeoVegas has a 95% RTP rate that is low compared to other casino sites on the web.

Mightier than the king of the jungle

As we’ve said already, there are better online casinos to play on than LeoVegas. Just take a quick look at our guide’s web pages as proof. For example, the concept behind the Golden Tiger site is sure to blow you away. This casino has an exclusive gaming offer from Microgaming and a welcome bonus for a chance to hit the jackpot.

LeoVegas is the Lion, GT Casino is the Tiger!