The WowPot concept rivals the Mega Moolah

WowPot is the name given to Microgaming’s new line of progressive slot machines from 2020 and 2021. These slots aren’t like any others. If you trigger the bonus reels during the game, you’re in with a chance to win a pot of over 2 million.
A WowPot isn’t the same concept as the Wheel of Fortune. Indeed, the big WowPot prize up for grabs is in perpetual motion. In fact, the wheel’s jackpot values in WowPot slots increase with each wager made by a participant. A fraction of all bets goes into the common pots of slot machines in the WowPot network.

More than 2 million to be won

The in-game WowPot jackpot often reaches historic highs. As soon as a participant wins the jackpot, the value of the mega jackpot restarts at 2 million. The great thing is that the wheel never stops; it’s building 24/7. Currently, there are seven different WowPot games, all with bonus reels fueled by player bets. Whichever WowPot slot machine you choose, you could win the progressive jackpot of over 2 million.

The WowPot wheel compared to the Mega Moolah game

WowPot concept of jackpot bonus reels
Wheel of Wishes, a WowPot slot machine

Mega Moolah games and their bonus reels also guarantee minimum prizes like with WowPots. The difference between the two concepts is the size of the two top prizes up for grabs.
If the Mega Moolah winning records are still number one, it’s only a matter of time before a WowPot player beats them.
The fact that the WowPot series is so popular means the WowPot jackpot’s value could reach levels never before seen. The winner will take over the current highest ever jackpot record from an online casino when this happens. This insane win from April 27, 2021, saw a player win over €19.43 million (CA$ 27.94 M) on the Absolootly Mad slot in the Mega Moolah series.

Price comparison and betting amounts

Mega Moolah slot machines are well known to bettors as they have been in Canadian online casinos for a long time. However, what attracts players the most to Mega Moolah slots is the possibility to win big by wagering only 25 cents per spin.
On WowPot slots, you can still bet small on each spin, but there’s almost zero chance of winning the top prize. Indeed, the concept favors bets of at least $2 per spin.
Players won some of the top WowPot slot prizes with bets of at least $10 per round. Recently, in August 2021, a lucky player from Sweden bet big on the Ancient Fortunes Poseidon WowPot Megaways version of the series. They walked away with a life-changing sum of €3.89 million (CA$5.61 million).

Mega Moolah and WowPot winning odds

Mega Moolah and WowPot are a series, meaning each slot machine links to one another. So, if you place bets on the Book of Atem WowPot slot, all the jackpots of the slots in the series are affected. The system is the same as the Mega Moolah game series.
Book of Atem WowPot progressive slot machine
When it comes to the odds of winning big on either series, Mega Moolah slots have better odds. By taking into account payout rates, payment frequencies, and betting options, the Mega Moolah concept pays better. So even though the RTP rates displayed on WowPot games seem higher, the odds of hitting the jackpot are better on Mega Moolah slots.

Fixed jackpots on basic games

What is another strength of the Mega Moolah and WowPot series? Answer: you can win other money during the game. These games work like classic video slots but with progressive wheels too. The sums up for grabs, excluding bonus wheels, are smaller, but there are still tens of thousands of dollars available with winning combos.

The WowPot phenomenon

Microgaming launched the WowPot concept in February 2020. Today there are seven online slot machines in the network. These games were a hit with casino operators, who’ve now added them to their catalogs. WowPot games quickly became popular with players too. As a result, the pots in these slots are at high levels all the time.

Wheels of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune on TV
Wheels of Fortune are mostly game shows with a large audience. There are many kinds of Wheels of Fortune at various online casinos, but they don’t tempt many players. The fact that they don’t offer massive prizes doesn’t make them less appealing. Even on the Gaming Club site, a high-traffic online casino, the only Wheel of Fortune available to players isn’t very popular.

Big WowPot winners

Lucky players have won giant pots on the WowPot Series bonus wheels. Some participants made millions, while others took home several hundred thousand dollars. These big won pots come from the Major and WowPot segments of the progressive jackpot wheels.

WowPot creator

Microgaming provides all the slot machines in the WowPot concept. Under Microgaming’s tutelage, each game in the idea was produced by an independent studio. However, the mechanism is under the control of the Microgaming platforms. You can find out more details about the WowPot concept at

WowPot summary

You can find the games of the WowPot series at many casino sites. As these games feature such huge jackpots, they attract gamblers looking for fortune. Of course, it takes a hefty budget to wager money on progressive jackpot slots, but that doesn’t stop players from putting in hundreds of dollars in the hope of winning millions.
WowPot games are changing the face of online casinos. Before the release of these games, Mega Moolah slots were the star progressive jackpot game. Today, the WowPot games are just as popular as the Mega Moolah series.